Our Customer Service is there
for you - remote and on-site

We are there for our clients - 24/7

Within a good family, helping each other goes without saying. This attitude is what we believe in and this is what we practice in our customer service. Our clients can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We assistent them with our problem solutions that are independent from the brand of their machines and components: Via our hotline, our Remote-Service as well as via sending our service-staff directly to our clients' production facilities all around the globe. 

Hotline: +49 5232 97983 170

Our hotline can be reached all around the clock. We deliver fast and pragmatic solutions to all sorts of problems within the production and maintenance process. Besides a first problem diagnose, our service staff is able to - if installed - directly connect with your machines via a VPN connection and execute our Remote-Services (see below). Our Hotline can be reached at any time by dialling:
+49 5232 97983 170

North America Service Base

Local and fast-responding service attendance for the North American market. This service will be provided by our service team out of Marietta GA United Staes of America. Our North American Service-Hotline can be reached at any time by dialling:

+1 (770) 421-0774

operated by QIPC-EAE Americas Ltd.



All our machines are completely equipped with our Remote-Service function. If necessary, the Remote-Service function enables our experts to directly log into all machines of our clients via a VPN connection - all around the globe. That way, settings can be checked, protocols can be analyzed and direct problem solving measures can be taken. Most of the problems that usually occur within our clients' day-to-day operations can already be solved that way - quickly and efficiently. 

To make use of our remote service, please contact our hotline.

On-site Service

Of course we also assist our clients on-site. Our experts permanently possess of valid visas of all our clients' countries and can therefore be sent to our their sites within a minimum amount of time in case of urgent problems.

Besides immediate problem solving tasks, the continuous maintenance of our clients' machines is the central challenge of our service staff on-site. Regular maintenance cycles maximize the economic life-time and the quality of your machines and prevent problems that cause expensive interruptions of the production process. Rotodecor happily delivers a wide range of maintenance services within an adequate time period depending on your machines and facilites. Further information on our services can be found within our product portfolio under the topic Retro-Fit.

To make use of our On-site service, please contact our hotline.