Lacquering machines with
maximum efficiency

Lacquering machines made by ROTODECOR

Our lacquering machines are mainly used in the decor printing process, but can also be modified for usage in different processes and industries.  Depending on our clients' needs, all machines have a modular design and can provide you with a printing speed of up to 500 m/min. Exactly as we do with our printing presses, we ensure maximum quality standards in the lacquering process by implementing state-of-the-art driving technology as well as an efficient jet drying system. A detailed description of our lacquering machines can be found in our  information brochure below. For any questions, please do not hesitate to directly contact our experts.

Key facts about our lacquering machines

  • Number of lacquering units: 1, 2 or 3 – fixed or flexible
  • Printable material: Papers and foils (grammature 20 – 450 g/m2)
  • Minimum paper width: 500 mm
  • Maximum paper width: 300 mm
  • Inner diameter of the paper sleeves: 3‘‘ – 12‘‘
  • Maximum lacquering speed: 500 m/min
  • Dosing volume: 3 g/m2 – 25 g/m2
  • Degree of gloss: 7 to >80 gloss degree units
  • Lacquers: Water-based or solvent based lacquers
  • Programming interface: Simatic  S7 CPU