Tailor-made winding technologies

Winders made by ROTODECOR

Besides ready-to-use machines we also provide our clients in the decor printing and packaging industry with state-of-the-art and client-specific winding solutions. To guarantee a maximum amount of flexibility, all winders are modularly designed. A detailed description of our winding technologies can be found in our Information brochure below. For any questions, please do not hesitate to directly contact our experts.

Key facts about our winding technologies

  • Materials: Base board, compound material, aluminium, films and papers up to 1000 g/m2
  • Minimum paper width: 500 mm
  • Maximum paper width: 3000 mm
  • Maximum reel diameter: 2200 mm
  • Inner diameter of winding sleeves: 3‘‘ – 12‘‘
  • Maximum speed: 600 m/min
  • Programming interfaces: Simatic  S7 CPU, Integration with other controllers possible